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Photos from the Scrapbooks of the Epsom Women's Club

Photos from the Scrapbooks of the Epsom Women's Club

Amy Kaime Bartlett 1940

Amy Kaime Bartlett 1941

Anna P Yeaton

Arthur Stevens about 1940

Bernice Piper Cox 1940

Brewer Chase House New Orchard Road

Center Hill School

Civil Air Patrol 1955

Current Affairs Class 1941 Womens Club

Doris Philbrick 1938

Doris Philbrick 1940

Dowst Pitcher House interior

Dowst Pitcher House Short Falls

Eleanora Nutter 1942

Eleanora Nutter and Florence Yeaton 1940

Emma Dowst 1940

Epsom Baptist Church 1

Epsom Baptist Church 2b

Epsom Baptist Church 1928

Epsom Baptist Church 1941

Epsom Baptist Church interior

Epsom Cental School Kitchen

Epsom Cental School Kitchen 2

Epsom Center Knowles Store

Epsom Central School

Epsom Central School Cafeteria

Epsom Central School Cafeteria 2

Epsom Central School First Grade 1955_56

Epsom Public Library

Esther Mott Tripp 1933 with son John Fowler Tripp

Esther Mott Tripp 1939 2

Esther Mott Tripp 1939 3

Esther Mott Tripp 1939

Flora Fife, Edna Cox, Blanch Quimby, Martha Dowst 1940

Flora Noyes Fife

Flora Sullivan, Hester Bickford, Loella Bunker 1940

Gertrude Stevens 1941

Gerturde Stevens 1940

Gerturde Stevens 1942

Gilbert Knowles about 1940

Gladys Fowler and Helen Hurd 1941

Harold S and Laura Bickford house 1933

Harold S and Laura Bickford house 1940

Helen Marcy Lombard with Stephen, Nancy, Janet 1933

Henry Dowst

Hester Bickford 1941

IOOF Hall Odd Fellows

Irene Campbell 1940

Isabella McCoy Monument

John and Bernice Cox 1937

Laura Mae Bickford 1933

Laura Mae Bickford 1935 a

Leola Ring, Alice Tripp and Alida Cass 1940

Loella Bunker 1941

Martha Artz 1940

Martha Artz 1941

Mary Emma Quimby Philbrick 1933

Mary Emma Quimby Philbrick 1935

Mary Emma Quimby Philbrick 1941

Maurice Philbrick

McClary Homestead 1942

McClary House 1935

McClary House rear view 1928

McClary Monument

Meeting house tablet 1928

Mrs Carl Reed and Bertha Mosher 1941

Mrs Chloe Haynes and Mrs Nellie Burnham 1941

Mrs Hazel Yeaton 1940

Mrs Hazel Yeaton 1941

Mrs Hazel Yeaton and Mrs Flora Fife 1941

Mrs RG Arlene Osborn

Mrs Sarah Mrs Nellie Knowles, Mrs Eleanora Nutter 1941

Muster Field

Muster Field Monument

Musterfield Monument 1942

Nellie Sherburne

Nettie Yeaton

New Rye Church 1955

New Rye Church interior 1955

Old Parsonage 1928 2

Old Parsonage 1928

Old Tavern 1928

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Pauline Ring 1935

Pauline Ring 1940

Pauline Ring 1941

Pauline Ring on right with Blind students 1940

Ralph E Towle about 1940

Ruby Bergstrom, Wirna Bickford, Louise Osborne 1941

Tripp Fowler House at Short Falls

Winter Scene

Winter Scene 2

Women's Club Flower Show Committee 1940

Women's Club Library Improvement Committee 1940