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Wells Family Photographs

Wells Family Photographs

Alton, Mary, Grace, Lorne, Lena Skinner c

Annie Green Kyle Wells c1885

Annie Green Wells

Annie Maria Green c

Arthur & Verna Wells Hunt 1906

Arthur Wells,Janet,Bessie,Annie Finlay







Clarence and Anne Wells (beach)

Clarence Wells (baby)

Clarence Wells (horse and buggy)

Clarence Wells and deer

Clarence Wells c

Emma and Annie Green (back)

Grace, Jeanne, Lena, Lorne Skinner c

Ida Wells Haynes (_, Ida, _, Annie, Lottie)

Ida Wells Haynes

John Cook father of Magdalen Cook Skinner

John S Green family (back of photo with ID text)

John S Green family (front of photo)

Magdalen Cook Skinner

Magdalyn Cook Skinner 1941

Uncle Arthur Green (beach)

Uncle Lon and wife (L), Grandpa and Grandma Green (R)

Unk, John Mason, Arthur Wells, Clarence Wells