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Color Slides of Ray Ring

Color Slides of Ray Ring

Back of Sanborn Hill from McCoy Mt

Bartons Hill

Catamount from Sanborn Hill

Covered Wagons a

Covered Wagons b

Covered Wagons c

Covered Wagons d

Fort Mt from Brush Hill Yeatons Fields

Fowler Barn Fire a

Fowler Barn Fire b

Fowler Barn Fire c

Fowler Barn Fire May 14 1975

Ledges on Range Road Fall

McClary House

McCoy Mountain

New Rye from Poor Town Road

Odiorne Pond Range Road Side

Old Home Day 1965

Old Home Day 1975 a

Old Home Day 1975 b

Old Home Day 1975 c

Old Home Day 1975 d

Old Home Day 1975

Old Home Day Indian Parade

Old Moore Place

Old Northwood House

Old Tavern Center Hill

Pittsfield Dam Winter

Range Road Ledges

Range Road Ledges Fall

Sanborn Hill from McCoy 1965

Sanborn Hill Looking East

Short Falls Capture

View from Center Hill

View from Sanborn Hill

View from Sanborn Hill a