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Mickey Yeaton Photo Collection

Mickey Yeaton Photo Collection

Alberta Soule

Allenstown Meeting House

Al Sanders ox team

Al Sanders ox team 1

Annie M Tripp Fowler

Annie Tripp Fowler

Arthur A Wells

Barmer Narrow Fabic Co

Barmer Narrow Fabic Co 1

Barmer Narrow Fabric Co Mill pond

Batchelders Guest House

Bill Yeaton Barn and Dolbeer Wead home New Rye

Bill Yeaton farm New Rye

Blanchard Holt Fowler

Blueberry Espress train

Blueberry Express at Short Falls

Box shop and Blackk Hall Road view

Carter place on Center Hill

Cass Falls

Cass Falls 1

Cass Falls and Pond aka Bixby

Cass Pond Epsom

Center Hill and cobbler shop on left

Center Hill and Steele home

Center Hill Elm Avenue

Center Hill Schoolhouse

Charles B Yeaton

chesley house

Chesley later Nutter home

clarence bartlett home

Cliff and Alfred 1899

clyde joy

Covered Bridge and Grist Mill

Cow at Tripp Fowler homestead

cows at unknown location

Cows probably on Fowler farm

C S Hall box shop and Nathan Goss house

C S Hall Box shop factory

C S Hall later Morrison house

Dolbeer Cass house New Rye

Dorothy Soule Lovell

Edna Lamb Metcalf

Ed Sanborn house Sanborn Hill

Eliza Jane Milliken Batchelder


Epsom and Northwood stage

Epsom and Northwood stage at Epsom Depot

Epsom Center Epsom Garage

Epsom Center Slab City

Epsom Center view

Epsom Chichester Carnival 1936 1

Epsom Chichester Carnival 1936 2

Epsom Chichester carnival float 1937

Epsom Chichester carnival sculpture 1937

Epsom Community Club parade float

Epsom Depot

Epsom Public Library

Epsom Public Library 1

Epsom Railroad Station

Epsom Railroad Station 1

Epsom Station Depot

Ethel Gertrude Brown Dooly Day

Evelyn Yeaton

Fife Yeaton Matteson house New Rye Swamp Road

Florence L Fowler

Florus Katie Warren and Annie Tripp

Fort Mountain

Four Corners Texaco Station Rocky Quimby

Four Corners traffic cicrle The Elms

Fowler Barns

Fowler Barns 1

Fowler barns at Short Falls

Fowler Barns in winter

Fowler Barns in winter 1

Fowler Tripp and Dowst Pitcher homes Short Falls

Fowler Yeaton little house at Short Falls

Fowler Yeaton little house Short Falls

Fred and Hattie Heath

Fred Evans

Free Will Baptist Church

Free Will Baptist Church 1

Free Will Baptist Church 2

Free Will Baptist Church 3

Free Will Baptist Church parsonage

George and Gertrude Stevens house Goboro Road

George D Yeaton house Rt 107

George F Batchelder and wife tintype

George Frank Batchelder

George Frank Batchelder 2

George Gladys Rose Lilian Batchelder

George Rose

George Rose 1

George S and Madeline Yeaton

George S and Madeline Yeaton 1

George S Yeaton

Geo W Rose 1904

Gerry and Marjorie Fowler

Gerry Dick and Marjorie Fowler

Gerry Dick and Marjorie Fowler 1

Gerry Dick and Marjorie Fowler 2

Gerry Fowler Saturley

Gladys R Rose

Gladys R Rose 1916

Gladys R Rose at Pembroke

glen cottage arthur and helen batchelder

glen cottage Eliza Jane Batchelder tasker

Gorham P Rand later Billy White Goboro Road

Gossville and Goboro Road view

Gossville District Schoolhouse

Gossville Hotel

Gossville Hotel 1

Gossville Hotel 2

Gossville Hotel and village

Gossville Huckins Garage

Gossville Huckins Garage 1

Gossville Huckins Garage 2

Gossville Store

Gossville Vier

Gossville view

Gossville view 1

Gossville view 2

Gossville view 3

Gossville view 5

Gossville view lower Goboro Road

Grace B Batchelder Rose

Grace Yeaton

Grist Mill and bridge to Center Hill Road

Grist Mill and wooden bridge to Center Hill

Haying operation

Hay wagon at Fowler farm

Helen Gurley

Herb Seldon and Melvin Severance Gossville store

Herman Thompson

Horse and carriage unknown location

Horses Bell and Pete

house interior

Howard and Gerry Saturley

Howard Gerry Judy Tom Jim Saturley

Howard Tennant Paine

Hurricane logs at Deer Meadow 1938

Ida and Philip Fowler Lue Yeaton

IOOF Odd Fellows Grange Hall

Iron bridge at Gossville

Iron bridge at Gossville 1

Iron bridge at Gossville 2

James W Fowler homestead

John Calvin Brown house Sanborn Hill Rd New Rye

John C Brown barns

John C Brown house with second story

John S Green home New Rye

John Shepard 1941

Judge Nash House New Rye

Judge Walter Sanborn and wife

Katie Bickford Tripp

Knowles Grist Mill Dam

Knowles home and store

Knowles house

Knowles Store 1

Knowles Store 2

Knowles Store 3

Knowles Store interior

labor day activities

Lamprey blacksmith shop later Huckins

Lane farm in Chichester

Lear Briggs house

Lee and Grace E Yeaton Cushing 1945

Lents blacksmith shop

Lester Young and sisters with ox team

Lockes Hill view

Lorna Doone restaurant

Lorna Doone restaurant 1

Lucy A Yeaton Jones

Luke Batchelder poss spouse 1 tintype

Luke Batchelder poss spouse 2 tintype

Luke Batchelder tintype

lumber operation 1

lumber operation 2

lumber operation 3

lumber operation 4

lumber operation 5

lumber train car 1

lumber train car 2

lumber train car 3

Mabel Evelyn Stewart Yeaton

MacCullems Boat house

Madeline Ewer Brown Yeaton

Madeline L Rose Yeaton

Maria Milliken Towle 1

Maria Milliken Towle 2

Marjorie Fowler Yeaton

McClary house

McClary house 1

McClary house interior

Millard and Hazel Yeaton

Minstrel Show cast

Nancy Yeaton Claris

New Orchard Road looking west

New Orchard Road view

New Orchard View

New Rye Bill Yeaton farm

New Rye View

New Rye View 2

North End of New Rye view

Northwood Epsom stage at Northwood

O C Lombard Short Falls Store

odd fellows hall

Old Congregational Church

Old Tavern color

Old Tavern color 1

Old Tavern on Center Hill

Old Tavern on Center Hill 1

Old train at unknown location

O L Shepard

Pembroke Academy

Pembroke Academy Class of 1916

Pembroke Academy Class of 1942

Pembroke Baseball Team 1913

Pembroke Trolley

Perly C Giles house New Orchard Road

Phil Charlie and Sydney Yeaton

Philip S Yeaton

Phil Kennett and Marjorie Fowler

Pine Grove Inn

Pine Grove Inn earlier Gossville Hotel

pines view short falls

Pirate ship at Lake Pleasant

Prescott bridge and box shop

Railroad Station at Short Falls

Rear of McClary Home

Rev J H Goodwin

Richard Dick and Joan Fowler

Richard Jones and Lucy A Yeaton

Richard T Fowler

Ring and Tripp homes Short Falls

Riverside Motel at traffic circle

Road making in Epsom

Robert Joseph Shepard age 12

Roger W Fowler

Roscoe Hill Home

Rose Family George Gladys Madeline Mother

Samuel Bickford homestead Epsom Center

Samuel Roby Yeaton

Sanborn Hill

Sanborn Hill from the Pines

Sanborn Hil view

Sanborn House on Sanborn Hill

Saturleys Store at traffic circle

school class dick marjorie fowler

Short Falls 4 corners Pitcher Dowst house

Short Falls Bridge and Grist Mill

Short Falls Bridge and Grist Mill 1

Short Falls Bridge and Grist Mill 2

Short Falls Bridge and Grist Mill 3

Short Falls Covered Bridge

Short Falls Covered Bridge 1

Short Falls Covered Bridge 2

Short Falls Covered Bridge 3

Short Falls covered bridge 4

Short Falls Covered Bridge and dog

Short Falls Covered Bridge color

Short Falls School

Short Falls School class

Short Falls School house

Short Falls School house 1

Short Falls Station

Short Falls Store at four corners

Short Falls Store interiror with Bill Moore

Short Falls Store O C Lombard

Short Falls Store W H Tripp

Short Falls Store W H Tripp 1

Short Falls Store W H Tripp 2

Short Falls Store W H Tripp 3

Short Falls view looking west

silver and hall

Silver and Hall later Gossville Store

silver and young

Silver barn and Thomas House Goboro Road

silver home

Slab City

Slab City 1

Smalls Motel at traffic circle

Smalls Motel at traffic circle 1

Steele bridge at Gossville

Steele house on Center Hill

Summer picnic

Suncook River at Short Falls

Suncook River bridge view

Suncook River Lorna Doone

Suncook River Short Falls

Swamp Road and Fort Mountain

Tarleton and Noah Cofran house New Rye

Ted and Marjorie Yeaton

Ted and Marjorie Yeaton 1

Ted Thomas house Goboro Road

Ted Yeaton

Ted Yeaton 1

Ted Yeaton 2

Temperance membership

The Gulf at New Rye Nash House

Train at Short Falls Station

Tripp and Fowler homestead

Tripp and Warren Fowler homestead

Tripp and Warren Fowler homestead 1

Tripp Bosiak house

Tripp Fowler house in winter

tripp ring barn 2000

unidentified family 1

Unknown (2)


unknown female 1 tintype

unknown female 2 tintype

unknown female 3 tintype

unknown female A1 tintype

Unknown Fife

unknown homestead 2

unknown homestead 3

Unknown location 1

unknown male A1 poss spouse tintype

unknown male A1 tintype

Unknown male B1

unknown residence

unknown school class

unknown village

unknown work crew 1

unknown work crew 2

View at Epsom Deerfield line

View Route 4 looking east

Warren and Gladys Fowler

Warren and Gladys Fowler 1

warren and warren

warren at krenns

Warren Fowler

Warren Fowler family

Warren Fowler farm

Warren Fowler farm in winter 1943

Warren Tripp

Warren Tripp 1 tintype

Warren Tripp 2 tintype

Warren Tripp 3

Warren Tripp and Fowler home

Warren Tripp cased tintype

Warren Tripp Place

Warrent T Fowler

Water trough on old Mountain Road

Webster Park

Willie Clark Rose

Woodman later Keeler house in New Rye