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Andrew Kyle Collection

Andrew Kyle Collection

1 aj and louise fife

1 Alice Stearns and Geo Everett Hayns 1937

1 Andrew and Arthur A Wells 1918

1 Andrew J Kyle born 1884

1 Andrew John Kyle and mother 1930

1 Andrew John Kyle Liberty Texas 1942

1 Andy Kyle and Eugene Wells 1933

1 Andy Kyle Boy Scout

1 Andy Kyle Christmas Card

1 Andy Kyle Helen Lombard and Everett Lombard

1 Arthur A Wells

1 Arthur A Wells and 1st deer

1 Arthur A Wells family

1 Arthur A Wells WWI

1 Arthur S and Annine (Munsey) Green, dau Ella

1 Arthur Wells May 1958

1 bertel r foss and trotter

1 big brown house

1 Bill Yeaton Farm, New Rye

1 Christine (Urquhart) Kyle, Andy and grandmother Urquhart

1 Clarence O Wells house

1 co and edgar wells haynes_yeaton_mason house

1 C O Annie Wells and grandson Donald 1920

1 C O Wells

1 C O Wells Arthur Wells Andy Kyle

1 C O Wells House

1 Elwood and Eugene Wells, Art Stevens and Andy Kyle

1 Elwood O Wells 1and Andy Kyle 1926

1 Elwood O Wells and wife Dottie 1941

1 Four Generations

1 Gunner Arthur A Wells

1 John S Green and dog Jack

1 John S Green birthplace Pittsfield NH

1 j s green house

1 knoxfarm mongeon

1 kyle house

1 kyle house 1938

1 kyle house and barn

1 lena wells

1 lena wells and horse

1 Mountain School Reunion

1 Mrs Arthur (Lena Skinner) Wells 1962

1 Neal Natalie Norma and Naida Wells

1 New Rye Church 1902 2

1 New Rye Church 1902

1 New Rye Schoolhouse

1 old homestead

1 paul libbey at wells corner

1 Priscilla Virginia Elwood and Eugene Wells

1 replacement Short Falls Bridge

1 Short Falls

1 Short Falls Bridge

1 sisters Annie M Wells and Helen Yeaton


E O Wells 1

E O Wells 2

E O Wells 3

E O Wells 4

First Steamboat on Suncook Pond pre WWI

Fort McClary Wells Howard & Lombard familes 1

Fort McClary Wells Howard & Lombard familes 2

Fort McClary Wells Lombards & Howards

Fort McClary with A Kyle and friends

Frank Ricker before 1912 before Kyles bought

Front of Kyle house

H Knox House New Rye 1920s

Ice cutting & Harkness house

Ice Making Deer Brook New Rye 1920s

Kyle field New Rye

Mountain Red School House 1920s reunion

Mountain Road Red Schoolhouse

Mountain Road School 1920

Neal Wells 1

Neal Wells 2

Neal Wells 3

Neal Wells 4

New Rye School 1917 1918

New Rye Snow 1920 AJ Kyle and Natalie Wells

New Rye view 1945

Yeaton Farm New Rye